Making Hip Hop Instrumentals is not something we are all gifted in. Some of us spend a lifetime trying to learn a single instrument; while others can compose entire orchestral scores in the shower. For those of you that always wondered what software these prolific beatmakers use, then look no further. We examined some of the most popular sound-making systems, so you don’t need to wonder any longer. For more info learn about how to buy hip hop beats online.

The Basics of Beat Making

Let’s start from the very beginning and cover the hardware first. You will need a computer and not a slow one. One able to keep up with any tempo you set. You will need a computer capable of audio interfacing, which means it needs speakers and a microphone, as well as any ports needed to connect your instruments or synths to. An external hard drive is useful but non-essential, and arguably the most important thing of all is the DAW software that you will use.


DAW stands for Digital Audio Workshop, and this is the software that will allow you to compose beat tracks. A drum sampler is also handy, as are monitors, but as long as you have a good computer and a workable DAW you should be able to get started. You can learn more about the types of equipment you might need by following this link.

The Most Popular DAWs for Beat Making

Some of the most popular DAWs of 2019 includes the Ableton Live, the Cubase Pro and the Propellerhead Reason. All of these will give you a control panel which allows you to add and manipulate beat patterns at the touch of a button.


The Abletone Live suite allows you to shape, sketch and morph any tunes you like. It has a fairly complex, yet easy to access interface with ample instructions for use. They also have excellent customer support and numerous effects applicable, including Delay control, Channel EQ, Pedal, Drum Buss and Echo features.


Cubase is made for the professionals. It is sleek, sophisticated, and designed to work as hard as you do. Cubase software is widely used in recording studios and allows full control of mixing. Other perks include recording, sequencing and composing, on top of beat making specializations. It comes with an innovative audio alignment program that is hard to beat.


The Propellerhead Reason lets you record, edit, mix and finish your beats to perfection. You can route audio however you like, flip tracks, and pin beats to the rack. The layout is a little different on Reason, meaning you need to use the rack, the sequencer and the mixer all separately. This is great for beginners in beat making.



Finally, independent musicians are now able to publish the beats that they make and profit from them. You can read more about Beatstars by following this link. Don’t let your creativity go to waste! Get producing, get publishing, and start making money for yourself.