For the artist who wants to upload their artistic music onto a platform that is easier, and they will be accepted Datpiff is the platform to try.

This distribution platform that is in Pennsylvania is dedicated to hip-hop, urban and rap beats.

The uploads that an artist can do include mixtapes as well as videos for them to promote to current fans as well as future or potential fans in their online community.

One of the best tips that can be given to an artist when using this platform is that they should have their brand and artistic abilities together.? Hard work, dedication, networking, patience and energy spent are they keys to every artists success on any platform. This works the same way for beat makers looking to upload their instrumentals, however for custom tracks.

This shouldn?t be something that needs to be said but necessary as a reminder.

This platform isn?t exclusive, and this can help or hurt the platform as well as the artists, but it seems to be working non the less.? Basically, any artist who wishes to upload their mix tape can do so.? They have gotten better over the years and do have some exclusive mainstream artists but in the beginning, it was a label they received as being a platform that promoted the less popular artists.

The best way to gain access to this platform and upload their Mixtape is by creating an account with them.? After this account has been created the artist will go to My Account and then to My Files.? In this area you will then see 3 areas, Mixtapes, Videos and then finally Application.

The artist will have to click on the Application first to get permission to upload to the platform.? They will have to apply for these permissions using the online application process.? The waiting process is what happens next and this can take up to 14 days.? Have patience here.

If the artist hasn?t received a response to their application at this time, then they can kindly but professionally tailor an email to them asking for them to note the progress of the artists application at this time.

The artist should always be as professional as possible, not taking any shortcuts in their letter or application since this will show a lack of professionalism which can affect the application process itself.

Once the artist is approved, they will return to the My Files tab and then click on the Upload Mixtape tab.? Fill out the required information and follow along to the next screen.?? Using the MP3 format, the artist will need to upload each individual song and then when this process is completed, they can rearrange them to their liking.

Once this is completed, they will want to preview to make sure everything is as it should be, order, cover, information, music, etc.? Hit the submit button after this is done.

At this time the artist can publish it online now or later. Once this is accomplished the artist can begin the marketing of the music itself.

This process may seem lengthy but any up and coming artist will already know, it takes time to reach your musical audience and success doesn?t happen overnight.? Time invested now, ensures greater success in the long run.