In life there are shortcuts for everything to create simplicity and ease of use.? This is never truer than when using digital and the modern technology of computers and mobile devices.

On this hosting platform artists in hip-hop music can upload the mix tapes for anyone who wants to possible stream or download.? This works as self-promoting of the artists work and sharing with their audience as well as potential listeners since LiveMixTapes already has a online audience database that can increase the artists reach musically.

It is to be noted that this platform is like all the others, not every artist will get accepted and allowed to upload there mixtape just because they apply or want to.

To upload on this platform there are a variety of methods.

The first consists of signing up with LiveMixTapes and completing what is known as an expedited application online. To do this you create an account and go to upload. At this point you will be directed to the application and you can then make payment. It is up to the artist to find a way to put their best into the application process, even then there is no guarantee that they will be accepted, and their work uploaded.? The cost for this is $50.00 per artist.


A second and interestingly more creative way to gain access to upload in LiveMixTapes is to work with a DJ or other artist.? Often a DJ will work with a variety of artists and will offer mixtapes hosting services to those they work with.

It is to be noted not every DJ is open to working with anyone, some will only work with certain artists while others don?t seem to mind. This method will depend on the artists networking skills and abilities to promote and connect with other rappers as well as DJ?s who are willing to work with them.

An artist can look up DJ’s on the platform and then gain further information using Twitter and other such social media. This will allow the artist to connect with a wide range of DJ?s and enable them to better network with potential DJ artists so they may reach their goal of uploading on LiveMixTapes.


The Third method is to do the networking option with those who work at LiveMixTapes themselves. Make friends with them, real friendships that are linked by the commonality of music with the idea that something will come out of it aside from the friendships. This can be a benefit for everyone since the friendships that are made enable the artists themselves to help other people in the industry as well as themselves.

After a period of quality friendships, the artists can share their best work with these friends to critique and if the artist is good enough, maybe they will end up on the platform. If the artists quality is stellar the platform and all those who work form them, these new friends will benefit from uploading the mixtape, everyone wins.

While there are multiple methods for gaining access to this music platform, not all will work for everyone. Each artist must decide which method is better for them while they continue to work on their artistic abilities. Time and patience are the key to all success, from your friends here at My Artist DNA, the best place to buy beats for your mixtape or album.