Have you ever wondered hmmm I need beats for my mixtape? well, it’s one of the biggest issues an independent musician has when creating their mixtape. Beats are an essential part of your mixtape, so knowing where to find beats to create your vision can be important to your project. By reading on, you will learn more about how to get those killer beats for your mixtape without having to sacrifice your artistic vision.


The problem with this is that there is no definitive answer of whether or not you can use someone else?s beats for your music. Generally, it is an accepted practice to use other people?s beats as long as you aren?t using the mixtape for commercial purposes. In that case, you will have to get their permission and you will have to pay them royalties. However, you should know that sometimes people don?t want their beats used at all even if it isn?t for commercial purposes. Since these beats are copyrighted, you could potentially face lawsuits for using their beats without their permission. This is a rare instance but it can potentially happen.


OMG I Need Beats for my mixtape! what should I do?

There are still places where you can get professional rap beats for sale for your mixed tape. For some of the more popular beats, you are able to just perform a Google search for these beats. Typically, you just need to search for the artist who sings that song you are interested in along with the word ?instrumental?. This will send you to sites that have instrumental beats that you can choose from for your song. You should know that sometimes these sites are free while others you have to pay for. It is also important that you make sure you are only downloading beats from a reputable site so that you don?t accidentally download any viruses on your computer. You can also look at various forums, where other musicians talk about where they get their beats or where you can even find people who create unique beats that you may be interested in.

There are some popular sites that you can look at to find beats as well. A popular choice right now is SoundCloud, since you can find a lot of producers to work with on this site. You may be able to download their track (for free or for money) or you could also ask them to work with you to create something new and fantastic. MyArtistDNA focusses on the artist that need help and often ponder hmmm “I need beats for my mixtape?”

As you can see, there are plenty of ways for you to find the perfect beats for your song. You have a specific vision for your mixtape, and that?s something that you do not want to compromise on. By using these tools, there are plenty of places to find the exact beats that you are looking for to create the perfect mixtape.