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Guns – Quelle Chris #10SecondReviews 10

Reke loves challenging my ears with artists I’ve never heard. This time around it was Quelle Chris and his album Guns. The cover art is flames… the album… you’ll see! Holla at us MyArtistDNA   Best Exclusive & Leased Hip Hop Instrumentals

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Bubba – Kaytranada #10SecondReviews 9

Kaytranada’s December 2019 release Bubba continues the producers excellence of what Exec likes to call “Lounge Bounce.” If you like Kaytra, you’ll love this album! Also, last episode we took the music out, this time we left it in. What do y’all think? Do y’all want to listen along?? Holla at us! MyArtistDNA […]

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Griselda – WWCD #10SecondReviews 8

The Butcher’s Coming! Griselda drops their first eponymous album and it goes! Update: Chinegun is actually Benny’s Brother. See comments for the full fact check from @homerwisdom. There’s also no music in this one (because copyright) in later episodes we put the music back as much as we could. Listen in ON MyArtistDNA […]

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