Designed to reflect a bleak outlook on life, this music rose to popularity in the ’90s and has gained traction with modern mainstream artists as recently as within the last few years. With so much popularity, it was only a matter of time before indie musicians started recording trap music of their own… but can your trap beats get published? Let’s find out!


The Internet Is The Indie Publishing’s Best Friend

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The truth of the matter is that independent publishers of anything, including rap music, are experiencing a global shift at the moment. The digitization of the modern world has led to new careers for people all over the world. Whereas the pre-internet days saw traditional music producers raking in dollars, this is no longer the case. Anyone who has a computer and skill is able to go viral at the click of a button, and the mainstream producers no longer hold total control of the industry.

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What does this mean to you and me? It means that there are more ways to make money from your work than ever before. If you can’t find someone to host your trap music for you then you should at least be able to turn it into creative and engaging internet content. Videos and content can be monetized with ads programs such as Google Adsense. If you can’t publish your tunes, then at least you can collect your own advertising revenue from the…


So Where Can I Get My Trap Beats Published?

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Online, is the primary answer. TheBlog has an interesting account of a Norwegian Trap Music producer who made money accessing an American audience since the trap scene in Norway is negligible.

This particular producer uses a program called MyArtistDNA App to sell his trap music online. This allows him to profit from trap beats he has already made, only paying a small percentage for the profit towards a commission fee.


Leasing Your Trap Beats Online

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The concept of ‘leasing’ your music to someone is relatively new. There are plenty of music producers out there who need samples of music to cut together the tunes they want to sell. Many artists haven’t the skill or time to operate a soundboard themselves, so lots of instrumentalists will produce samples of their work. These samples were traditionally either sold or used for other things ? but nowadays you can lease these tunes to make yourself a little more money.

The idea of leasing your trap beats is that you can sell the ability for a person to use that piece of music, without actually having to sell the rights to the music itself. This means that you own the original and full digital rights. The buyer is simply buying the right to use it for the agreed-upon purpose, and for a limited time.


This whole system works to protect the musicians that have historically been treated badly in the pay scale. This new era of indie music publishing is running parallel to the world of indie artistic publishing, revolutions in the world of published literature, and numerous other areas where distance is transcended by the internet. Find out how you can access our trap beats for sale today.


With a little luck, you can sell your trap beats online without any fear of ever having your work stolen again.