The writing of lyrics for music is a very important part of the art. All the right music in the world would be nothing if the lyrics that were connected to them were horrible or didn’t?t match the theme or idea that the artist was seeking to communicate to their audience and fans.

The Ghost Writer

Within the music industry, there has long been the ghost in the darkness known as the ghostwriter. These individuals are the go-to artists that are hidden from the world of fame, fortune and celebrity. They are the people who stand behind the big name, famous status artists as the backbone of the work that they offer up to fans.

While there are many artists who write their own lyrics and are exceptionally good at it, for every one of them there is another who can write the lyrics or choose not to because they wish to focus their energy elsewhere.


In the industry of hip-hop, if an artist doesn’t write their own life experience or ideas, they are often considered in-authentic. If someone else is telling your story or wording the expression of your feelings the fans and general population of those interested in hip-hop won’t consider it worthwhile or as good. These artists can be backlashed and outcasted for the mere thought of the possibility that they didn?t write their own songs.

In this industry, the music is important, not anyone part.? The picture paints for the fans and audience, and this includes the writing of the very important lyrics that speak to the audience itself.

It is even said within this industry that other artists tend to respect the artists more if they write their own lyrics.? This showcases more than just words, but the true talent behind those words, the ability to turn them into something meaningful for those listening. Listen to these beats with custom made hooks for songs.

The truth is that there are certain artists in every musical genre who don?t write their own lyrics, at least not completely. They may have collaborators who assist them in getting their point across better to their audience. Some of these artists keep this information hush-hush and others don?t mind highlighting the people who make it happen for them on a regular basis.

While some might consider this to be a bad thing in an industry riddled with inauthenticity, others will still enjoy the songs either way. The fact that the artist didn?t write the whole written word won’t change whether the song is a hit or not.

If it speaks to the masses, conveys an emotion, sets a theme, tells a story and touches the audience and fans that is possibly the only real part that matters. Artists can sometimes be considered management for a team of individuals who make it happen for them in their field of art.

I cover this topic in this video.